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Everything from one source: Glauch Systems supplies complete solutions and bricks produced according to customer designs, unshaped materials ready for installation, and high-temperature insulating materials in many qualities. We discuss the specific requirements and ideas of our customers and convert these into project-related engineering. We offer excellent solutions for applications in difficult atmospheres and contact with aggressive slags and melts. Complex challenges can be met in a short time and, if requested, even in record time.

Put your trust in our first-class materials:


Bricks and Mortar

The ‘LUPUDUR’ bricks realize a very high degree of flexibility. They are manufactured from various material systems such as Al2O3 x SiO2 or N-SiC and will be delivered in nearly all dimensions. LUPUDUR FL lightweight firebricks are available in the following ASTM classifications: ASTM C 155: 16; 20; 23; 26; 28; 30; 32; 33 and 34. The suitable mortars LUPUMUR or kitt LUPUTEC are included in our product range.

Prefabricated Shapes

Our prefabricated components and systems LUPUBLOCK guarantee an optimum function. We achieve excellent solutions for complicated installation situations by perfectly adapting the shape geometries. These shapes are also available in Fireclay, Andalusite, Bauxite, Mullite, Corundum, Zircon, Zircon Mullite, Chrome Corundum, Chromic Oxide, or Nitride Bonded Silicon Carbide.


Unshaped products/materials

The scope of application of the products we offer includes casting, gunning, ramming, vibration, or smearing in order to achieve a dense and insulating refractory lining or one resistant to melts.

  • LUPUSOL-Insulating mixes
  • LUPUCAST-Castables, which can be also vibrated
  • LUPUGUN-Gun Mixes of all material types, also abrasion-resistant, available as dense or lightweight variants
  • LUPUVIB-Vibration Mixes
  • LUPUFLOW-Self-Flowing Castable
  • LUPUFEST-Smearing Mixes, especially suitable for repairs
  • LUPUPLAST-Plastic Mixes
  • LUPURAM-Ramming Mixes. The exothermic mixes sinter without the need of water addition and generate a good mechanical strength, corrosion resistance, and – if necessary – a high degree of thermal insulation.
  • LUPUTEX-Exothermic dry-mixes
  • LUPUSIT-Dry-Ramming Mixes

Insulating Materials

We are able to provide high-quality insulating materials in different wall thicknesses. This increases the capacity of your plant without compromising safety and efficiency. Our refractory insulating materials are especially suitable for many high-temperature applications due to their low thermal conductivity.

  • LUPUSIL-Fibre-free Microporous Silicate
  • LUPUCAS-Calcium Silicate tiles in different thicknesses
  • LUPUMAT-Aluminosilicate fibre blanket
  • LUPUBOARD-Vacuum-formed shapes from ceramic fibre
  • LUPUWOOL-Aluminosilicate fibre wool
  • LUPUFELT-Ceramic fibre felt

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